Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Tokyo Day Two: Skytree, Imperial Palace, Tokyo Station

Our Day 1 in Tokyo actually ended with us in a metro station remembering that we didn't have anywhere to sleep that night. So we pulled out our trusty iphones, got on priceline, and booked us a hotel. Then hopped on the metro, got as close as we could to the area our hotel was in, and started walking. Luckily we stumbled upon our hotel pretty quickly and it was a beautiful place right in the heart of Tokyo. 

Of course, we booked the cheapest room which came with two full beds. However, "full" beds in Japan are actually twin beds that are much shorter than my husbands body. So yeah. But we made it work. And yes, we slept in one bed. 
The next morning we head back to the Skytree so we could go up to the top and see a panoramic daytime view of Tokyo. Seeing Tokyo from that high up gave us a much better perspective of how huge the city truly is. Plus, we had a killer view of Mt. Fuji.

From there we headed to the Imperial Palace to walk around the gardens and see where the Imperial family resides. The gardens we beautiful, and I think would be even more beautiful during sakura (cherry blossom) season. But these gardens, again, were such a peaceful, serene haven in the midst of such a crazy, busy city. It was a welcome break from noise and traffic. 

Our friends who were in Tokyo the weekend before us sent us a message saying they had left us a note somewhere near imperial palace and gave us rough directions on where we could find it. It was like a geocache of sorts, and fun to go on a little treasure hunt. And we found it!

We stopped by to see Tokyo Station, which is like Tokyo's version of Grand Central Station. The architecture of the building is beautiful, and Brian and I were just so intrigued by how all the Metro/Subway/Railways all work together. 


Just one more day to recap! Such a fun trip. 
Love you people.


  1. Thanks for the recaps. Glad it was sunny even though seemed so cold. Interesting that the school boys were in shorts. Our 4th graders had "pagoda" as a vocab word this week.

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