Monday, January 7, 2013

christmas at the cape.

We had a few hours to spare in between lunch and dinner on Christmas day, so we did the usual. Went for a drive. Our favorite past time on this island. Driving around, looking for new beaches, restaurants, or scenic spots. I had been wanting to go out to Cape Zanpa for a while now, to see the pretty white lighthouse contrasted against the dark rock cliffs and blue, blue water. 

Christmas day was super windy and the water was slamming up against the rocks. I would not get less than 10 feet from the edge, because the wind was so strong I just KNEW it was going to throw us over.
 Worst case scenario kind of girl? Maybe. But also, realistic. 

Such a neat place to go exploring. 
Except those rocks were really jaggedy, and I was wearing ballet flats. Fail. 

My hair? The bangs of the future? I don't even know. It was windy. 

This was the point where I was SCREAMING to Brian to GET BACK because I thought he was going to die, only to realize there was a good 10 feet of distance between him and the edge of the cliff. It was REALLY windy, ok?

This beautiful, beautiful island.

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