Sunday, January 6, 2013

christmas morning breakfast.

We were so thankful to be able to open up our home and share Christmas breakfast with 12 other single Marine officers. Brian and I both grew up eating big breakfasts prior to opening gifts with our families on Christmas morning. We knew we wanted to make a huge breakfast to carry on tradition, so who better to help us eat it than hungry Marines? We were far from our families for the holidays and so were they. We love taking the opportunity to get the Marine's out of the barracks every once in a while. To serve them a home cooked meal, give them a comfy couch to sit on, and some good conversation around the dinner table.

It wasn't anything fancy, but it was fun and none of us spent Christmas morning alone. For us, it was so nice to have a full, loud house instead of the quietness that would remind us how far from home and family that we were. 

On the Menu:

 blueberry muffins
egg, bagel, sausage casserole
hashbrown casserole
monkey bread
fruit salad
loads of bacon
tons of coffee
orange juice

Simple, and delicious. 

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