Wednesday, January 2, 2013

2012. a look back.

I already wrote a "goodbye, 2012" blogpost. 
But then I decided I wanted everything that happened in 2012 in one place. With some pictures. 
So that's what I did.



The first of many snowy nights in Virginia. Brian spent his nights and days out in the field doing training, while I spent my days holding, playing with, and feeding babies as I nannied for 7 month old triplets. I also got to start a bible study with some of the other wives that ended up being such a blessing to my heart. I miss those ladies! We spent a night with our dear friends, Luke and Kate, in a swanky hotel in DC just for fun.


I spent many of my nights watching Brian do work, write orders, study, etc. We traveled to North Carolina to send Brian's older brother Kirk off to Afghanistan. I made a trip home to Charlotte while Brian was in the field again. And we got to spend our first married Valentine's day together! We really enjoyed our cozy little apartment and loved having people over to feed them dinner. 


I started a blog! New Years Resolution only 3 months late. I wasn't that great about writing posts, but I'm working on it! We found out Brian received ground supply as his job and it took us a while to come around to the idea of it. My love turned 23 and we celebrated with some sweet friends. One of my best friends, Megan, came to visit me and I got to show her our life in Quantico. I spent lots of my nights with Kate, Angela, and Lauren while our boys were out in the field. 


We found out we were moving to Japan! And we were so excited. I had four of my favorite little ladies and their awesome mama come visit me while Brian was again out in the field. We had the best long weekend together exploring around DC. We spent lots of our weekends with Luke and Kate. And Brian and Luke always fell asleep. And we went to a NeedtoBreathe concert. 


I celebrated my 23 birthday with sweet girl friends since Brian was gone that night. Brian graduated from The Basic School! Both sets of our parents and Brian's brother, Evan, came to his graduation. My cousin Adam, and his girlfriend, Liz, came to visit us and we showed them around DC.  We made a trip to Brian's alma mater, VMI, for an engagement party. Then we got to take a quick getaway to celebrate one year of marriage. The best year of our lives. 


We spent a lot of June on the road traveling to and fro. Trying to see as many family and friends as possible. Just taking every opportunity to spend quality time with the people we love. We loved being together, as we spent much of the past 6 months apart. We went to my cousin's wedding and then spent a week at home in Charlotte. We said bye to friends in Virginia and packed up our stuff to send to Japan (which, still hasn't made it to us!). Brian headed to North Carolina for training and I headed to Mississippi be in a wedding of my oldest, sweetest childhood friend, Bethany. And we got to spend a week at the beach with Brian's family. It was so relaxing and fun. 


I was in a wedding of one of my besties from high school and college, Carly. It was so fun to be back in Chapel Hill celebrating two wonderful people. We moved into a hotel in Jacksonville, NC and lived in close quarters. It was fun sometimes and not fun other times. We spent a lot of weekends at the beach either with my wonderful parents or in Beaufort, NC with Sarah and Bedford and all their fun friends. Our great friend Nathan came with us on many of our beach adventures, though we were missing his wife Ellie, who was deployed. We also developed a great friendship with new friends, Jesse and Katy. 


I took a fun trip to Denver and Boulder to visit friends and go to Brian's cousins wedding. It was such a fun trip, but I was bummed to have to leave Brian back home. Back in Jacksonville, I spent my mornings working out at Curves and Brian got to come home for lunch everyday. I made a trip to the beach to spend a girl's weekend with my mama, and then another to spend a weekend with my nana and my aunt and uncle. 


Kirk came home from Afghanistan! We got to go welcome him home in Fayetteville and we were so so thankful for his safe return. We spent labor day weekend at home in Charlotte and cherished more family time. Brian graduated from Ground Supply Officers Course! He worked so hard and I was so proud of him. We headed back home to Charlotte to spend the last few weeks with family before our big move. We had multiple going away parties, got to spend time with all our siblings, and felt so loved by the people around us. 


My two best friends came and spent my last day in Charlotte with me. October 3rd, we left for Japan! Tearful airport goodbyes with our parents, but were so excited for the road ahead. We spent a night and day in Seattle and had the best time thanks to Brian's sis, Erin, who has the inside scoop on Seattle life. We flew through Iwakuni and Yakota, and then finally arrived on Okinawa on October 5th. We went to the Naha Tug of War and were baptized by fire into the Okinawa culture. We were totally delirious because of the time difference and had no idea what was going on, but it was fun. We bought a car and started exploring as soon as possible. We got moved into our home and lived a floor away from our friends, Nick and Sarah. We visited the aquarium and spent our weekends just driving around/learning to drive on the left side of the road. And we ate enough sushi to kill a small human. 


We found a church that we love here and immediately got plugged into a community group. We continued to meet new friends through church and where we live. We developed a fast and awesome friendship with another couple in our building, Joel and Jenni. Brian's job was busy busy, but he always had the best perspective. He works with great people, so we are thankful for that. We got to go to 2 Marine Corps birthday balls which was a great way to get to know the people Brian works with. We did lots more exploring of the island and had our first Japanese karaoke experience. We spent Thanksgiving surrounded by friends, new and old, and were thankful for being on this beautiful island. 


We started making our house feel like a home, even though we have yet to receive our shipment. We bought a couch, a TV, and a few other pieces of furniture. We spent our weekends cozied up by the Christmas tree watching movies and being lazy. Brian's work days are long and we love love love spending our weekends together. We skyped and facetimed with family back home a lot and we're so thankful for technology. We had 12 Marines over for breakfast on Christmas morning and loved having a dining table full of friends. We took a drive out to Cape Zanpa on Christmas day just for fun. We brought in the new year playing monopoly with friends and are so happy to be here in Japan. 


And congrats for making it to the end. We can now officially put 2012 to rest. 

Happy New Year, dear friends!

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  1. Sounds like you had a really great year. Happy New Year!