Monday, April 23, 2012

our instagrammed weekend.

I adore a sweet little photo app called Instagram. It's a dangerous thing though. See, I have this nice, pretty camera that takes wonderful pictures. But the iphone is so convenient and then I have all these fun filters to play with. I'm trying to be better at using my real camera. But I am thankful for all these snapshots of our life that I have from my phone.

So I give you... our weekend in Instagrams.

Indian Night with some friends. Seriously, I LOVE indian food. And our friends made all of this from scratch. Chicken Pecoras, mint chutney, yogurt sauce, spiced fruit salad, basmati rice. This is the way to my heart.

Yep, Friday nights always end like this.

Lazy Saturday morning with my husband was much needed. And we FINALLY got to watch our home church's Easter service. It was truly amazing and the the most creative depiction of the Gospel I have ever seen. I am amazed at the heart of our Pastor and lengths the creative team will go to to present the Gospel to the lost world. You should watch this.

We've been trying to pick up tennis as of lately. We make a pretty solid team, us Hardings. And if you know my husband, you know losing is simply not an option. You don't want to cross us on the court. I mean, just look at those faces.

Saturday night we saw one our favorite bands, NeedtoBreathe. Those guys always put on a great show. And we are such dedicated fans, we stood in the rain for an hour to get in. And yes, it was worth it.

Well, that's all folks.

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

the ultimate girls weekend

The weeks are LONG when Brian is gone. Yes, I probably have mentioned that before. See, I just hate being by myself. I hate quiet houses. I hate cooking for one. I just prefer to be with people. So, I dread the weeks that he is gone. But, not this one! I had been looking forward to this field week for a couple months because 5, yes 5, of my favorite people in the world were coming to visit me.

You guys know how small my apartment is (although, we prefer to use the word cozy) and so some might think, "Wow, why would she ever want to have 5 extra people in that small amount of square footage?" Well, let me tell you, if I had to pick 5 people to be squished into a 1 bedroom apartment with, I would choose Kelly and her girls.

A little back story on my friendship with Kelly: I was an awkward high school teenager when I started going to Elevation. I met Kelly and was immediately attracted to her personality (does that sound creepy? It's not.). She was cute, fun, personable, wise, and had three little girls with another on the way. So obviously, being the awkward teen that I was, I decide to buy her love with a gift for the new baby. I stalked her at church, handed her a gift, and ran away. She tells me now that she honestly didn't even know my name when I gave her the gift. But hey, it worked! Kelly became a wonderful friend and mentor to me throughout high school, college, and into my married life. I spent many Saturday nights on her couch eating sour patch kids, laughing my head off, and picking her brain on life, marriage, and friendships. Kelly was this crazy busy pastor's wife, (cool) homeschool mom, small group leader, etc. but she took time out of her life to know me and ask me questions and show me Jesus. Larry and Kelly were a huge part of our wedding prep as they led us through marriage counseling and Larry preformed our ceremony. These people hold a special place deep, deep in our hearts and will always be like family to Brian and I.

Anyways, with both of our husbands out of town, Kelly and I decided that an adventure was in store. So we hopped on the Metro to DC with no real idea of where we were going and set out to make some memories. And that is exactly what we did. I loved every second of it and yes, I cried when they left.

6 girls in a one bedroom, I love it! I love the craziness, the chaos, & the loudness.

All four girls curled up in my bed.

Such city girls.

Kelly: thank you so much for packing up four kids and driving six hours to come see me. It means more than I can say. Thank you for how you and Larry have invested in Brian and I and how you continually bless us over and over again. Your life, your marriage, your relationships-- they minister to me and push me towards Jesus. I am beyond thankful for your friendship in my life.

Thursday, April 5, 2012


Well, here we go. When we got married we asked the Lord for an adventure and He answered. Big time.

Back Story: Tuesday morning Brian called me and said he had gotten web orders online for our next duty station. After the previous shock of receiving Ground Supply, we were really hoping and praying for an awesome duty station. Brian's first words to me were, "it's God's will," and my heart sank. I knew "it's God's will" meant North Carolina. See, we got to rank our duty stations and we ranked East Coast last. Now, before all our lovely east coast friends and family get angry about this you should know this-- we did this because we are pretty sure that one day we will settle back down in North Carolina. For the time being we just wanted to GO. EXPLORE. Figure out life and marriage and adventure.

So we spent about 24 hours thinking we were going to be back in NC for the next three years. We weren't angry, but we weren't excited. We were just trying hard to believe that it was what God had for us.

So that brings us to Wednesday night. I'm walking through Target to get QTips and garbage bags (obviously really important to the story) and Brian calls with a super excited voice. He's all, "BABE, I HAVE GOOD NEWS!" And I'm all, "FINALLY!" He continued on to tell me that his web orders were wrong and we would no longer be moving to NC.

So here is our news: We are moving to..... OKINAWA, Japan! Japan ya'll, JAPAN! Three years; more specifically 36 months. And you should come visit. Cause it's a tropical island. And beautiful.

We will be here in Virginia until the middle of June, and then will move to North Carolina for 8 weeks while Brian in in supply school. After supply school we will be off to the land of sushi and cherry blossoms (seriously, this is all I know about Japan). We are so excited and are ready for the adventure that will come! We covet your prayers as there is so much to be done before we leave. Pray that God would go before us and prepare the way. That he would provide strong community and relationships for us and that our marriage would grow exponentially as we learn to lean on one another. And that He would continually calm our hearts and remind us that this truly is His plan.

And please. Come visit.

And because I have no other pictures to share of this momentous occasion: here is why you should come visit...