Wednesday, February 20, 2013


I have seen lots of blogs I read do posts similar to this, but I was most recently inspired by my sweet friend, Jen, to post a little more about me and what my life looks like at this current moment in time.


Currently... waiting for Brian to get home from work (8:15 pm). Poor guy has been having to pull some long 12+ hour days recently.

Listening to... THIS incredible album that released yesterday. I've been listening to it all day while cleaning and cooking and it's truly their best yet. Buy it, guys. It will bless you beyond reason.

Reading... Nehemiah, Proverbs, and Gone Girl. And desperately wanting to grow my book list for when Brian leaves at the end of the month. Any ideas or great recent reads? Help a sister out!

Eating... some homemade granola at the moment. I get so hungry waiting for Brian to get home, but cherish our dinnertime together too much to eat without him.

Cooking... We've got these yummy, easy chicken tacos waiting in the crockpot for us right now. Also on the menu this week: lettuce wraps, fish tacos (tacos much? I lack creativity), black bean burgers, grilled veggie & hummus pizza.

Dreaming... About the next big trip Brian and I are reeeeeally wanting to take.

Running... I mean, this is hilarious ya'll. I'm including this one because Jen is a runner and she included it. But ALSO because I ran TWICE "with" Brian (he was far, far ahead of me) this weekend. I am not a runner. I actually hate it. But the Lord's been teaching me a lot about self discipline and perseverance lately and this felt like a tangible way to trust the Lord through doing something that is really hard for me.

Feeling... anxious about Brian leaving, but excited for Carly Jo to come visit me while he is gone!

Missing... my parents, and my brothers, and home! My parents are selling their house and building their dream house, which is making me all nostalgic about all the memories I have growing up with my brothers in that wonderful house. Also missing Chipotle and Target like crazy.

Wanting... to revamp my blog, maaaaaybe change the name, and get serious about documenting our life on here!

Wearing... black skinnies and blue v-neck. I am in a dressing rut lately. Can't wait to pull out some summer wear in a few short weeks (days?). It was warm enough here this weekend to wear a sundress, and now it's chilly again. Chilly, ha! It's like 65. My body is ruined by this tropical island.

Pinning... Wall hanging arrangements and ideas to give some life to my beige walls. I. Need. Color. in my life. And recipes. Always recipes.

Learning... Like previously mentioned, learning so much in Proverbs about discipline and perseverance. Just finished walking through David Platt's Secret Church, How to Study Your Bible with our community group. It was incredible and has me desiring to dive into the Word and know God's truth in a more complete way.

Enjoying... new friendships, lots of couple friends that Brian and I truly love spending time with, all of our things that finally arrived (!!) that we hadn't seen since June. And always enjoying this gorgeous island we call home.


What about ya'll? Give me a glimpse into your life, currently! 

Wednesday, February 13, 2013

saturday drives.

Saturday drives have become our thing here. Really, a good drive has always been our thing. Windows down, music loud, holding hands. The best things.

When we got to Okinawa and found out we would have to live on base we promised each other that we would not just stay on base on the weekends, but that we would get out and enjoy Okinawa. There is just SO much to see here on this amazing island. Every view is better than the last. Sometimes we pick a spot on the map, and sometimes we just drive and see what we can find.

This weekend we drove to a couple of the neighboring islands: Hiza, Miyagi, and Hamahiga. There are so many awesome islands on the coast of Okinawa and we can't wait to explore them all.

Early morning fishermen out looking for their catches of the day.

We stumbled upon a sweet little cafe where we settled in for the afternoon to read/write and enjoy sipping on coffee and tea. Brian had some noodles with pig intestine (no thank you) and I settled for a rice ball. 

The water is so, so many different shades of blue depending on where you stand, how the sun hits, and what lies beneath it. 

I am beyond thankful for weekends with my husband. I will take them while I can get them.  

Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Tokyo Day Three: Tsukiji, Sensoji, SUMO!

Our last full day in Tokyo started early, early in the morning as we headed to check out the Tsukiji Wholesale Fish Market. It was truly incredible to watch fishermen bring fish up from the sea, to the market, and then to the table where we sat to eat nigiri for breakfast. Freshest of fresh. Just how we were created to eat!

We watched as restaurant owners and chefs came to pick up their catch of the day. And as women came to purchase fish to feed their families for the day. THIS is why the Japanese are so healthy! Fresh food people. We need it in our bodies. 

Oh, here we are just being tourists. 

Sushi for breakfast! A novel idea. We were eating this at about 9 AM. We can now say that we will literally eat sushi anytime, anywhere. 

After our sushi brekky, we headed to the Senso-ji Shrine temple. Similar to the Meiji Shrine, but much more commercialized and busy. 

And then, my friends, we ended our Tokyo trip with a bang. We spent the rest of our day at a heavyweight sumo tournament. The icing on the cake of a great trip. Sumo is so hilariously interesting to watch. These guys are massive. Like remember how I was talking about Japanese eating fresh and being so healthy? Not these guys. Large and in charge. And they put on a great show.


Thanks for reading some long, long Tokyo posts! One day, I'll be thankful that I told these stories.