Wednesday, February 13, 2013

saturday drives.

Saturday drives have become our thing here. Really, a good drive has always been our thing. Windows down, music loud, holding hands. The best things.

When we got to Okinawa and found out we would have to live on base we promised each other that we would not just stay on base on the weekends, but that we would get out and enjoy Okinawa. There is just SO much to see here on this amazing island. Every view is better than the last. Sometimes we pick a spot on the map, and sometimes we just drive and see what we can find.

This weekend we drove to a couple of the neighboring islands: Hiza, Miyagi, and Hamahiga. There are so many awesome islands on the coast of Okinawa and we can't wait to explore them all.

Early morning fishermen out looking for their catches of the day.

We stumbled upon a sweet little cafe where we settled in for the afternoon to read/write and enjoy sipping on coffee and tea. Brian had some noodles with pig intestine (no thank you) and I settled for a rice ball. 

The water is so, so many different shades of blue depending on where you stand, how the sun hits, and what lies beneath it. 

I am beyond thankful for weekends with my husband. I will take them while I can get them.  


  1. Love this! My husband and I really need to follow your example and go for drives more often.

  2. "I am beyond thankful for weekends with my husband. I will take them while I can get them."

    I loved this whole post... but as a fellow military wife, this really struck home. Good perspective!

  3. This island is meant for drives like this! I love your photos, and I can't wait to check this place out too.

  4. Love your pics! Makes me so excited to come visit JAPAN!