Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Tokyo Day Three: Tsukiji, Sensoji, SUMO!

Our last full day in Tokyo started early, early in the morning as we headed to check out the Tsukiji Wholesale Fish Market. It was truly incredible to watch fishermen bring fish up from the sea, to the market, and then to the table where we sat to eat nigiri for breakfast. Freshest of fresh. Just how we were created to eat!

We watched as restaurant owners and chefs came to pick up their catch of the day. And as women came to purchase fish to feed their families for the day. THIS is why the Japanese are so healthy! Fresh food people. We need it in our bodies. 

Oh, here we are just being tourists. 

Sushi for breakfast! A novel idea. We were eating this at about 9 AM. We can now say that we will literally eat sushi anytime, anywhere. 

After our sushi brekky, we headed to the Senso-ji Shrine temple. Similar to the Meiji Shrine, but much more commercialized and busy. 

And then, my friends, we ended our Tokyo trip with a bang. We spent the rest of our day at a heavyweight sumo tournament. The icing on the cake of a great trip. Sumo is so hilariously interesting to watch. These guys are massive. Like remember how I was talking about Japanese eating fresh and being so healthy? Not these guys. Large and in charge. And they put on a great show.


Thanks for reading some long, long Tokyo posts! One day, I'll be thankful that I told these stories.


  1. My husband and I laughed out loud and LOVED the sumo pictures. This all makes me want to visit Japan so much! Thanks for sharing bits and pieces of it with us, and with such great descriptions and information.

    In other news, I've got a fun giveaway on my blog for some Italian food. Thought your readers might be interested! (Thanks for entering it yourself. :-) http://beccagarber.com/a-very-tasty-little-giveaway

  2. This is so great my friend. You're brave for eating sushi for breaky.. we did that once, maybe twice and decided that was enough. Ha!

    Hope to see you SOON! (: