Monday, September 16, 2013

28 weeks

This was a big week in the baby department. With the births of two sweet boys to some of our dearest friends here, trips to the hospital to visit babies and for OB appointments, and a baby shower for another dear friend-- we are more excited than ever to meet our girl.

I had my 28 week glucose test this week, yay for no gestational diabetes! I also had an appointment with my midwife to check on our girl and listen to her heartbeat (which was racing from the 100g of sugar I had consumed an hour prior). All looks good, and she is growing right on track. Since I have a negative blood type, I also had to get my Rhogam shot at this appointment. We feel so blessed with the care we have received at the Naval Hospital here. We've heard horror stories, considering military hospital care has a history of not being the greatest. But we cannot say enough great things about our sweet midwife, who knows us (Brian included) by name and calls after my appointment to follow up. She has honored every wish we have had thus far in the pregnancy and makes us feel supported in any way she can.

I'm getting a little bit nervous about my flight home. Flying for 24 hours while 30 weeks pregnant? Swollen extremities, here I come. Compression stockings needed ASAP. It will be SO worth it though. I just can't wait to hug my family, wear a scarf, get a good haircut, and drink a pumpkin spice latte without sweating.

Love you guys! 

Tuesday, September 3, 2013

25/26 Weeks: East China Sea

When Amanda snapped these pictures last week, I was somewhere between 25 and 26 weeks! Still feeling great, sleeping great, and eating everything in sight. Getting more excited everyday about meeting our girl. 

I had previously gotten a report from my doctor that I had an anterior placenta, meaning just that the placenta was between the baby and my tummy. Because of this, I could feel the baby moving all the time, but Brian wasn't able to feel her from the outside. He would always have his hand on my belly and I would ask, "did you feel that?" and sadly his answer was always no. Well, we are pretty positive that my placenta has shifted and fixed itself, because this weekend he was able to feel her nonstop. On Friday night we were laying on the couch and Brian had his hand resting on my belly while we were watching a movie. Out of nowhere babygirl kicked the crap out of me, and Brian jerked his head to look at me and said, "I definitely felt that." Such a sweet moment. And from then on he has been able to feel her. She gets all squirmy every time she hears her dad's voice, which turns me to mush. I can't wait to see the two of them together. 

We remain so thankful for this healthy pregnancy and the chance to experience something so incredible. Every time we leave an appointment or talk about child birth, we are always left speechless and in awe of our Creator. 

Labor day weekend was exactly what we needed this past weekend. Slow mornings filled with coffee and Jesus, days with no plans, a few golf outings, grilling out, and a lot of couch snuggling. There is so much to look forward to in the next few weeks/months, and I know the time is just going to fly. So many babies being born here to dear friends, a trip to the states, my best friend's wedding, starting a community group in our home, and soaking up every spare moment in between with my man before we add a baby to the mix. 
Thank you friends for all your kind words and prayers! They mean more than we can say.