Thursday, May 24, 2012

the getaway.

In honor of our first year of marriage and due to a lot of generosity from some special people in our lives, we got to take a quick beach trip over our anniversary to celebrate. 

It was so sweet to get away, lay on a beach, eat good food, and be with my man. 
We spent a lot of time reflecting on how undeniably blessed we have been throughout this past year. 
Just a few things from our long, long list that we made..

A free to us wedding. That was perfect. And such a celebration.
A free place to stay for the first 6 months of being married. 
Getting to spend the first 6 months of marriage around our families, whom we adore. 
Perfect jobs that were provided for us during our time in Charlotte.
The overwhelming generosity we have experienced from so many people that love us well. 
Immediate genuine community upon moving up to Virginia.
A job that Brian truly feels called to. A place where we can use our marriage for ministry. 

This time was such a breath of fresh air, and such a reminder of the promise that our Lord truly desires good for those who serve Him and are called according to His purposes. Have we been perfect this year in serving Him? No. Has He been perfect in fulfilling His promises? Yes.
That is the God we serve, people. Grace. Mercy. Abounding love. Never ending. Amen. 

Never ending coffee and the most delish breakfast at the quaint little Bed & Breakfast we stayed at. 

Homemade pasta salad and halfsies on a $5 footlong. Just keeping it real and in the budget.

Solo shots. That's how we do when we are on our anniversary trip and don't feel like talking to people.

We were so thankful for this time together, even though it was a quick trip. I never, ever regret taking time to get out of the everyday routine and get intentional with my better half.  It makes me better, it makes him better, it makes our marriage better. 

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  1. Wow! My little sis is truly becoming quite the photographer! I am BLOWN AWAY by these photos, Kenz. Keep using that lens to share God's beauty and grace with the much love!