Monday, June 11, 2012

showing up.

Feels like we've been driving nonstop for the past month. Ever since Brian finished up at TBS we have just been going, going, going. I love it. I really do. It's physically exhausting, yes, but emotionally, SO refreshing. 

Since finding out about our move to Japan, Brian and I have been trying hard to take in every opportunity to get around the people that we love one last time. We are strong believers in the idea of showing up. Making that extra effort to be at events that are important to people that are important to us. Actions speak louder than words and we are trying hard to live that out over our last few months here in the states.
Yes, it takes work and planning and time; but we never, ever regret investing in relationships. 
And there really is nothing like being with family and people that you love. 

We spent the past week in Raleigh and in Charlotte, just spending time with family and our Charlotte friends. It was so wonderful and rejuvenating. Many, many memories made. 

And now, picture overload. Here we go. 

First up, we got to celebrate the soon to be newlyweds, Erica and Tyler! So excited for this marriage and what these two are going to do for the Kingdom of God.

(poor quality pictures, but high quality people..)

Then, my cousin got married, and it was beautiful and lovely.

Glass Cheerwine bottles? YES! 

Our sweet niece, Ivie Lu, had her first ever dance recital. Obviously, she is the cutie pliĆ©ing on the left. 

I got some good QT in with Ivie's baby brother Max, aka my new favorite person. 
Those CHEEKS. Seriously?

He was begging me to let him wear this shirt, I swear.


This is where I spent lots of my days. My parents back porch is glorious. 
I could read out there all. day. long. 
And sometimes, I do.

My family was all together! This may not happen for a long, long time and we enjoyed every sweet minute of it. Except for the minute in which this picture was taken. I was complaining because my arms felt awkward and I kept making everyone take more pictures. 

My awesome, handsome cousin Myles graduated high school! We are so proud of you, Myles!

And of course, an insta collage.

Bear with me for the next... 4 months. We are going to be all over the place. Living in a hotel for 2 1/2 months. Back in Charlotte for a month. And then onto Japan. I'm not making any promises about this blog, except that I WILL be more consistent once we settle down in Japan. So really, stick with me.

And pray for us, as this is the current state of our lives.. 


  1. Ah I didn't know Erica was who you were visiting in Chapel Hill! I would've sent my "hello" with you and Brian. I am a strong believer in spending as much time as possible with the people I love. And as you get closer to your departure date, the list will get smaller - it really gives you a perspective of who is most important in your life. I wish you luck in getting everything done that you can, and if/when you start to stress, just remember - you'll be home again (sooner than you realize...those 3 years will go by so fast for better or for worse). Make the most of it!

  2. That blue maxi dress looks fantastic on you. LOVE it.

    1. You are too sweet. Would you believe it's from Walmart?

  3. Love how you show up. YOu guys are amazing.

    1. I need that picture of us with your kids! That should have made an appearance in this post!

  4. Oh my! This makes my heart happy/sad! Such a great post!

  5. Mckenzie, hello from Malaysia! I just love you and miss your sweet face so much.

  6. Mckenzie, hello from Malaysia! I just love you and miss your sweet face so much.