Friday, June 15, 2012

the little things.

It's a little hectic around here. Living out of suitcases, packing our lives away. Moving across the globe will make you want to simplify your life REAL quick, I promise. 

In spite of all of this... 

..there have definitely been some sweet little blessings from the Lord that have gotten me through this week.

1. Getting to look at this face everyday. This no working, in between duty stations thing is pretty sweet. I could live like this for a while. 

(so stoic, so suave)

2. This book. It's rocking my world. And making me want to love the man pictured above better.

(are you married? do you desire to be a good wife? Good. Read this.)

3. Just going through all of our possessions and earthly goods reminds me of how TRULY blessed we are. We are in want for nothing. And that right there shuts up my complaining spirit real fast. 

4. CRAIGSLIST. You never disappoint. Sold some stuff this week to cleanse our load, and then bought ourselves a new (to us) couch! Perfect condition, cozy as could be, neutral, etc etc. See you in 5 months on the other side of the world little couch..

5. We spent most of the day inside packing yesterday and got a little bit stir crazy. We decided to get out for a bit and BAM. This sky was awaiting us.

(is it a blogging faux pas to combine real cam pics with instagram pics? oh well, it's happening)

See there? I've got nothing to complain about. This life we live is GOOD. 

Linking up with Lindsay for the first time today! 


  1. Love this post. Oh how we miss you and your grateful spirit!

  2. For sure there is nothing like packing to help you realize how much STUFF you have! Taking this opportunity to weed out as much as I can!

  3. ooooh that book looks good! Hmmm, am I ready to have my world rocked...;)

  4. Best of luck on the move! That's got to be super exciting to get the chance to move to a different country for awhile! Luckily these days there are things like FaceTime and Skype to help keep in touch with family back home. :)

  5. Ooooh that book looks good! What a sweet post! :)

  6. hello there--
    I found my way here via Hello Hue :)
    what a GREAT Craigslist find-- love the couch!

  7. That little couch was a great find! Best of luck with the move...I can only imagine how stressful that is!

  8. Found my way here through Hello Hue as well, and also did my first "Little Things" post today! Nice to meet you! ;)

  9. LOVE this post. I can relate to so much of it! It's so nice to get time with our guys during moves-- and helps with all that stress too! And girl, we got rid of so much before our move from Hawaii, but I'm still tossing stuff, running to Goodwill and getting ready to sell things on Craiglist on this side of things. SO true that we really are in want of nothing and oh-so-blessed!

    Thank you for linking up with me and sharing your little things! Praying your move goes smoothly!

  10. I can't wait to get married just so that I can READ THAT BOOK!

  11. and yes I made a mistake the first time I posted ...

  12. I am married and desire to be a good wife, I pray about it everyday, so I will be reading it! P.S. Sorry to bug you in your hectic state, but how in the world did you get the simple blogger template to have four pictures at the top, because I plan on copying you, thanks! So excited for the wonderful new chapter in your life and sticking ya'll in my prayer journal, now!