Monday, July 9, 2012

weddings, moving, vacay, and life.

Ya know, I didn't promise much from this blog until I get to Japan-- so no guilt trips for not writing for almost a month. 

What have we been doing? Where are we living? Who even really knows.

Here is the last month in a nutshell.

I traveled to Mississippi for the wedding of a DEAR childhood friend, Bethany. The wedding was so sweet and simple and just lovely. Yall, Mississippi is another world. No joke. I was referred to as the girl from up north (north carolina, really?) and I found myself trying to talk with a country accent. 

Mississippi eatin', ya I could get used to that.

Pretty, pretty bride!

While I was in the dirty, dirty south Brian was busy packing up our life in Virginia to ship half of it to Japan, and bring the other half to Jacksonville with us. 

We will always remember our first home together. It was nothing special to look at-- but it was ours and we got to make a life together there and bring people into our home and it was real sweet.

Then somewhere in the middle of all the craziness, we got to spend a WONDERFUL week at the beach with Brian's family (missed you Kirk!). It was easy and comfortable and oh so refreshing to be with family. Vacation is key. 



After the beach, we literally threw our stuff into a hotel room and I hit the road to Charlotte to spend a few nights with some of my favorite kids. 

Then, I spent the fourth of July celebrating one of my high school, college, and Ghana besties, Carly. She married her best friend this past weekend and it was one of the most beautiful things I have ever seen. It was such a fun weekend of reunion and celebration and so much love. 

Happy 4th!

 The GORGEOUS bride at the rehearsal.

 Yay for high school friend reunions! 

Did I mention the wedding was fun? SO fun.

Now, I'm here. In Jacksonville. Back with my husband and feeling somewhat normal after traveling all over the place. We are living in a hotel for the next 10 weeks and I might go stir crazy. But I'm trying hard to enjoy down time and make the most of it and really be where the Lord has me. 

 Hanging out in the bedroom, while the guys study in the living room. It's all the same.

Aaaaaand, we are caught up!


  1. 10 weeks in a hotel... I feel ya. Enjoy the simplicity :)

    Don't forget- in 30 years (or was it 20.. or 10 in our young minds?) we will meet at Northeast Middle School. Remember?

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  3. Last picture and comment is hilarious. Bedroom and living room are all the same. :) Enjoy this's only a season, right?