Monday, August 27, 2012

weekend recap

Really, let's just be honest with ourselves. I say "weekend" recap, but my life is really all one big never ending weekend right now. I rarely know what day it is and I don't look forward to Fridays anymore, because well-- Mondays are just as good. 

But seriously, we had a great weekend. Lots of roadtripping and boating and beaching and familying. What more could one ask for?

Date Night! Indian food, good conversation, planning our Japanese adventures, and dreaming big. I adore this man. 

My sweet husband treated me to a manicure, just cause. I thought I would give shellac another try, even though I was pretty sure I hated it // and then, I remembered I still hated it.

Spent a couple of wonderful days at the beach with my mama, can you see the rainbow? // I am a sucker for a good sunset. And this one was great.

My mom likes to work out at the beach. I prefer to just lay. So biking is our meeting place. Low impact, still enjoyable. I can still instagram while participating, and I don't even have to wear tennis shoes. 

Brian and I got lessons in pesto making and pickling this weekend. Yum.

Ahh, a day out on the boat. Our generous family here loves to take us out on their boat, and we kindly oblige. 

On Sunday we got some great family time during the dedication of the newest baby on Brian's side of the family. We got to hangout and talk about married life with newlyweds, Leighton and Ashley. We really love these two.

And then we made our niece and nephew take 100 pictures with us. Erin and Niels, sorry we always take these pictures that make your kids look like they are ours. But see, that's the joy in aunt and unclehood. Let the parents do the dirty work, and then claim the kids when they are being all cute. 

And that there is our weekend. Happy Monday!


  1. Ah you two are so cute! Love the new solo shots on the side. :]

  2. You just get prettier with every post. Great hair, smile and earrings, of course. Glad you are enjoying your perpetual weekends and embracing this unique season you are in!

  3. i miss you. i love you. shellac needs to be obliterated from the earth. its horrible. :) it gets me every time...

  4. Not going to lie that last photo is making me really excited for when you all have little ones, or maybe all this baby talk up here is giving me a little bit of baby fever. I cannot wait to see all your wonderful Japan adventures...I have a few friends stationed out there now and they LOVE IT! Thanks for the reminder that the adventures along the way and during the transition are just as good...I needed that reminder today.

  5. LOL They could be y'alls (in the last pic!), so beautiful! Very pretty pics of you too! :) I've never had shellac done... and after reading this I don't think I will (^_^).

    xoxo ♥ Shar