Monday, August 20, 2012

i guess we're beach people now

Lots of our weekends here in Jacksonville are spent at the beach. Just relaxing, reading, refreshing and recalibrating (see how I did that? That was very baptist preacher of me). Except that we also eat a lot and I wanted to include that, but it didn't start with an -re. 

My wonderful parents have this great place on the inner coastal that's less than a two hour drive from where we are living in Jacksonville. It's just so easy to jump in the car and spend a night or two in a different place, out of this marine town and out of the hotel room. So easy in fact that this is exactly what I'll be doing this week. Brian starts a 3 week intensive supply course, and my dad is out of town, so I'm meeting my mama at the beach! Don't mind if I do. 

We also have some family on Brian's side that live about an hour away. They have been SO incredibly gracious and generous to bring us into their home, make us meals, take us out on their boat, and give us a place to relax. 

We are truly blessed by the people in our lives that love us so well. 

And yes, Brian likes to read and walk. It's cute. He learned that from his parents.

Oh who is that? Just your 2016 Olympic kayaking team. Look at that form..


  1. How about "repast" for your re word dealing with eating & food?

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    I love these photos! This post makes me miss the beach so badly! Glad you guys had a great weekend! :)

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  4. What fantastic pics! Looks like it was a great weekend! :)

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  5. Beautiful pics! I love the beach, I wish I lived closer to one!

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