Tuesday, August 14, 2012

boulder (colorado trip, part 2)

As I mentioned in my Denver post, I came to Colorado to visit friends AND go to the wedding of Brian's closest cousin. Long story short, it was super sad that Brian didn't get to come as he was a groomsmen in the wedding, but couldn't get his leave approved. But, hey! I still got to go, and I had a blast with all of the cousins. 

Boulder is gorgeous. The views are absolutely stunning. 

This bride and groom are pretty stunning too. We love you Leighta and Ashley!

I wish I had more pictures to share of the actual wedding (honestly, I just wish I had pictures of cousin Blake and I dancing.. cause we were REAL good), but I was too busy dancing and having fun to take pictures.

I had such a wonderful time being around Brian's family and really find myself loving all those crazy, fun people more and more as they continue to feel more and more like my family. They truly have taken me in as one of there own, and have loved me since the day Brian and I started dating. Extended families can be a tricky thing to navigate early on in marriage but luckily for Brian and I we are so blessed to have such wonderful, loving, supporting, welcoming families-- on my side and his! 

And obviously, the Harding cousins are really attractive people...

You are welcome for this, Kyle and Marg.

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