Monday, August 26, 2013

24 Weeks: Cape Zanpa

Another week closer to meeting our girl. We dream about her all the time and love imagining what she will be like. Every slow Saturday morning as Brian and I snuggle up in bed, we talk about how sweet it will be to pull our babe into bed with us and cuddle with her while sipping our morning cups of coffee. We pray for her every single day; that God would give her a sweet, gentle sprit and that she would be carefree, a little bit wild, and filled with joy.

We're pretty sure we've decided on her name, and love calling her that when it's just the two of us. (mostly to make sure we don't get tired of it after saying/hearing it multiple times a day) So far, so good! But you guys will have to wait a bit longer to find that out :) We've bought her crib and a dresser and Brian painted the room a bright, sunny yellow for our sunshine girl. Slowly, but surely, it's all coming together!

I'm feeling great, and am truly thankful that God has granted me a fairly easy (so far!) pregnancy. Besides some mild heartburn/indigestion and a lot of heavy mouth breathing, I'm doing alright! Baby girl moves around all day, which puts this mama at ease. I don't mind it one bit. Even when it wakes me up in the night, I just take a minute to pray for her and then drift back to sleep. Keep on moving, little lady.

As always, thanks to my sweet Mands for the pics! She is SO close to meeting her boy. Can't wait to see him! 


  1. McKenzie! Come on! Could you BE more gorgeous?! These photos, as always, are incredible! You need to do a framed collage in your little girl's room or something. These are all treasures!

    I did a blog post yesterday about maternity clothes, if you'd like to check it out. Seems like YOU should be writing the post, though! You have such great style... with this pregnancy and always.

  2. Replies
    1. Thanks friend, we need more belly pics from YOU!

  3. McKenzie you are so beautiful! That is going to be one lucky baby girl! Hope you're doing well!

  4. You are looking absolutely gorgeous, like a mermaid on that rock! I love how excited you two are; y'all will be the best parents!

  5. You are too gorgeous, Kenz. Little baby .... is going to be a knock out!

    Also, laughed outloud at the heavy mouth breathing. And laughing all over again at "relaaaaax. relaxxxx the .... " pahaha

  6. You make being pregnant look so glamorous and easy! I hope I can look half as great as you do when it's my turn.