Sunday, October 28, 2012

weekend recap (fish, dolphins, whale sharks-- oh my)

Oh my goodness. This weekend, on a whim, we decided to hit up the aquarium in the northern part of the island. We were on the fence about going because we just moved into our sweet little home, and have not even finished unpacking. Boxes are still full, and curtains have yet to be hung-- but an AQUARIUM! We couldn't pass it up.

So we set off early Saturday morning with some friends and really had no idea where we were headed. People in Okinawa rarely use road names or numbers, they prefer to give directions based on land marks and "drive until you see this" and "it's up north, you can't miss it." Luckily, if (when) you get lost, the scenery is breathtaking. Getting lost on this island is kind of a welcome treat.

Anyways, the aquarium! We found it. And it was awesome (trust me, I worked at Seaworld for 2 summers-- I'm a pretty big deal in the underwater world). Tons of awesome fish, a dolphin show that was completely in Japanese, and 3 ginormous whale sharks. I was in awe. So much so that we bought the annual pass-- that's commitment people.

And now here are a lot of pictures of fish that were shot in bad lighting through a foot of glass.. Enjoy!

Happy Monday, friends!


  1. I love how your 'bad lighting' pics are still amazing. LOL.

  2. Amazing McKenzie!!!! And seems like Japan is my place because that's usually how I give and understand directions as well. ha! Everything is so beautiful there,and you have plenty of time to unpack, so I a happy you all are taking time to explore.

  3. Bailey is right your "bad" pics are awesome! So did you learn anything about the whale shark? Like are they in Hawaii in the waters lol! That thing amazes me and freaks me out all at the same time. So glad you guys are exploring the island, you are giving me lots of ideas for
    When I visit oki!

  4. oh my gosh ok i want to come visit okinawa right now first for the aquarium and then second just to visit the place where i was born. and also to experience the other part of japan that i have heard is so different than mainland. i can't say i really experienced okinawa when i was just a baby

  5. Wowzers, I am totally impressed with that aquarium! I think there is nothing like it in the entire country of Italy. :-/ The fish and the scenery are both breathtaking!

    I'm so proud of you for grabbing your hats and GOing, instead of just staying home and settling in. Priorities, right?! :-) You won't regret it!

  6. P.S. I just added you to my blog roll! I want to keep up with all these military/Japanese adventures!

  7. New follower! We also live in Okinawa and went to the aquarium one of our first weekends here. You should go to Pizza in the Sky next time you head up there :)