Friday, October 19, 2012

#hotelliving, no more!

So, yeah. I'm running low on inspiration these days. 5 months of #hotelliving has got me in a place of low creativity, but tomorrow, TOMORROW, we get a home! A real, live home! And we get to pull our musty clothes out of suitcases and walk barefooted on our own concrete floors and lounge on our government issued furniture. Glory be.

No but really, we are excited as all get out. Housekeeping and continental breakfast sounded promising 5 months ago, but I'm honestly just ready to clean my own bathrooms, ya know? Not cleaning or cooking any meals can make a jobless girl feel pretty lazy. I'm ready to cook my husband good food and invite people into my home again. Instead of like, "Hi friends, come over for dinner. We can all sit on our king sized hotel bed and eat in community." I'm going to have a table and chairs again! Yay.

And here are some instagrams that can mostly already all be seen on my sidebar right over there on the right. Low inspiration, remember? Stick with me.

There's our baby. Our Capa. Our minivan/station wagon crossover. We love him. 

Oh, yes. This girl is a legal driver in Japan. And now everyone on the internet knows how much I weigh.

This is our home. Not the softest on the eyes, but it works. And we have 3 bedrooms. So come visit!

We are really excited about Japan. Cant you see?

Clear water, pretty rocks, chippy toenail polish.

My options this week were 1) sit in the hotel room all day or 2) drive Brian around as he checked into his unit. So, I became a personal chauffeur. 

We found the golden nugget. I was in dire need of an iced starbees. 

This is my "it's so windy face." It was a blustery week. Lots of tropical storms and typhoons swirling out over the pacific.

Oh, the seawall. I love that we live SO close to water. And really, really pretty water at that. 

Some more water. Why not?

Curry pizza. YUMMM. I'm jealous of myself for eating this. And you should be too. Delish. 

So there is our week! 
How did ya'll spend your week? 


  1. i thought for a moment that maybe you were on the yokosuka base but then i read it was Naha. Naha was my birth place ok the naval hospital, speny the first three years of my life. enjoying living in japan. we moved back and i spent all four years of high school up in tokyo

  2. Somehow I missed this post, but I love the pics! I can't wait to see pics of your new house (or up close and personal!). :)