Saturday, March 24, 2012

the week in pictures

Birthdays, picnics, spontaneous dinner making with friends, sunsets, and lots of time with Brian home; it was a great week. Not all of our weeks are this fun and full, so you know, I gotta document it while I can.

This guy turned 23! We celebrated with tacos, banana pudding (because those two go together right?), and a few close friends.

Brian's fire team (unit of 5 Marines) came over for dinner and it was so nice outside (80s in March!!) we ended up eating outside. Love these guys.

Brian's TBS roomates. We have really grown to love these guys and will miss them a ton when we leave VA.

Our new favorite place in Quantico, Lake Lunga. Two nights in a row last week we packed up dinner and took it out here to watch the sunset.

We brought these two along with us the second night at the lake. Luke and Kate, our best friends here. We can't really think about leaving them in a couple months without getting a little teary eyed. The Lord answered our prayer for community here in Virginia tenfold when He gave us this friendship.

Love this man.

Nathan and Ellie came too! Nathan also received Ground Supply as his job, so we are excited to be near these two and get to know them better.

Handsome boys.

Friday night came around and about 6:00 I realized I had nothing to make for dinner. About that time I got a text from my sweet friend Zipporah that said, "We've got chicken. Wanna combine forces?" The night ended with curry chicken and rice, sweet potato fries, salad, chips and salsa, and a lot of laughing.

Our biggest prayer in moving here to Virginia was to find good community and lasting friendships. We are continually blown away and amazed at the relationships God has given us in the short 5 months we have been here. We are trying really hard to enjoy these friendships for the next 1 1/2 months we are here and are praying hard that we run into them again down the road.


  1. Mckenz!!! SO excited about your blog and getting to hear about your life! Miss you very much!!! Love you and praying for you as ya'll get read to go to Jacksonville, my dad was stationed at Camp Lejeune for a long time!


    oh i feel like i am getting to be a part of what is happening with you and Brian and i am SO THANKFUL!!!