Thursday, June 20, 2013

that time we went to Thailand

While Brian was on his exercise in Korea he called me with a few days left and said, "Babe, I'm taking leave when I get back. I wanna take you somewhere. Plan a trip anywhere." And THAT is a good man right there. We, of course, knew at that time that we were pregnant and wanted to take one last big trip before baby and the timing just seemed right. So, I booked two flights to Thailand and off we went.

We ended up going to Phuket and just staying there. We would have loved to have traveled around the country some, but honestly, I just wasn't feeling up to it in my first trimester. We wanted a simple, lay at the beach or the pool and eat a lot vacation. And that is what we got! We spent much of our time lounging at the roof top, saltwater infinity pool at our hotel. We had a view of the ocean on one side of the pool, and lush green mountains on the other. And we practically had the pool to ourselves everyday. It was so quiet and relaxing. Just the refreshment Brian needed after his time in Korea. 

But don't worry, we did enjoy a few of the touristy things that Thailand has to offer. Because how can you be in Thailand and not ride an elephant? Am I right? And Brian played soccer with an elephant which was hilarious and so completely random. We also rented a motorbike for our week there and rode all over Phuket on that thing. It was slightly dangerous, as speed limits and road lines are non existent in Thailand, but it was so much fun to have the freedom to explore on our own. 
We got two celebrate our 2 year anniversary while we were there which was so special. I just adore this man. Plain and simple. Being married to him is a dream and I can't believe I get him for eternity. The past 2 years have been the best adventure of my life and I am beyond blessed to get to live life with this man by my side. 
And oh boy, I am so excited to see him become a daddy. 

God was so so good to me, as I was not feeling well up until leaving for this trip. But as soon as we landed in Thailand, it was like the sickness went away and Thai food sounded delicious to me! So we ate our weight in Pad Thai, thai curry, and fruit. And it was wonderful.

The beaches were great and beautiful, though we both agree that they had nothing on our Okinawa beaches. 
You just can't beat white sand and turquoise blue water. We are spoiled by living here.

 What a wonderful trip it was. I am so so thankful for our time here in Asia where we can travel and see this side of the world. We do not take it for granted. 


  1. You two are adorable! And that infinity pool looks incredible! So glad you were able to get away and just relax together!

  2. All your photos are amazing especially that first one, melts my heart. So happy you two got to have an awesome babymoon with relaxation and lots of yummy food! And now I am hungry.

  3. That picture of Bri playing soccer against the elephant is CLASSIC. Love yall! Miss you huge amounts.

  4. Those elephants! So adorable :) Looks like an amazing babymoon.