Monday, November 19, 2012

weekend recap: hiji falls fail.

This weekend we packed up the car and headed north with our awesome next door neighbors, Sam and Lily, in a quest to find the beautiful Hiji Waterfalls.

After the hour and a half drive up the coast, we got to the beginning of the trail to hike up to the falls. Picnic packed, water supplied, hiking gear on, ready to go. And then. We were greeted with a sign that said, "Hiji falls closed until April 2013 due to last typhoon." Bummer. No hiji falls for us. But we decided to make the most of the day and did some exploring on the northern part of the island. 

And don't you guys even worry, because we found ourselves a strong competitor for those hiji waterfalls. Who doesn't love a manmade, concrete, runoff waterfall. We do! But seriously, when we saw this everyone in the car screamed, "waterfall!" and we all jumped out of the car for a photo op.

And then, we even got to see these beauties. Waterfalls all over.

After the waterfall escapades, we thought we would drive a little bit farther up the mountain and find a different hiking spot. But then this happened...

The road was literally demolished. And so at this point we pretty much called it quits on hiking-- it obviously wasn't in the books for us on this particular day. 

Sam and Lily had packed us a feast of sushi, grilling meats, and ramen-- so we found a park and chowed down. Luckily, for Brian and I, a day can be saved quickly by good food and great friends. 

I suppose we will give hiking a try another day. But for me? I was completely content sitting near the water, eating sushi, and laughing about runoff waterfalls and crumbling roads. 

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  1. Best picnic ever! And best attitude, I must say. Your road adventures remind me of some of our hijinks recently in Cinque Terre. Freaky!