Monday, September 24, 2012

weekend recap

This weekend was busy, but refreshing. We didn't wake up this morning feeling exhausted, rather, we woke up feeling full and thankful. We got to spend the whole weekend with our people. Our family. From all over. That drove to Charlotte just to see us and celebrate us and hug us one last time before we leave. We took about a million and 1 pictures this weekend because we don't want to forget a single moment of our last couple of weeks in America.

Both of our sets of parents offered to throw us a little family shindig, so that we could see everyone all together. See, Brian and I both have huge families and it would be nearly impossible to see every person 1 by 1. So seeing everyone together was the perfect solution. With Brian's family we got to have a little Welcome Home Kirk/Goodbye Brian and McKenzie combo party at a nearby park. And with my family, we had a Saturday evening cookout with family.

Literally, there are about 150 pictures we took. And they are all of Brian and I with different sets of people. These will be the pictures that we pull out when we are feeling homesick and need a little reminder that even if we feel lonely, we aren't alone. I'll share all those pictures later this week, but for now.. just a few.

Brian's family.
 My family.
 Oh yeah, and we got to go to a Panther's game. That's a sad, sad story for another day. But it was fun!
 A downtown, Panther's stadium sunset.

 And our friend Perry came to visit and say goodbye! 

It was a great weekend, spent with great people. 


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  3. Once upon a time my in laws were a young military family who made their way from Camp LeJeune to Japan, with a stop or two along the way in Hawaii and Canada... how funny how lives sometimes flow in parallel.

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